Legal Hustle – A Rap on Laws and Regs

Legal Hunting Hours in Ohio Contractual Liabilities Two Year Rule Exemptions CPS Rules in Texas Law Officer Crossword Clue Cannabis Legalization in Germany Singapore Legal Counsel Jobs Legally Transfer Money Internationally Find Court Date Online in Harris County DOT CDL Requirements
Ohio Hunting Contractual Liabilities Two Year Rule Texas CPS Law Officer Clue German Cannabis Singapore Counsel Jobs Transfer Money Court Date DOT CDL

Yo! Listen up, cuz I’ve got the scoop,
On legal stuff that’ll make you whoop.
From hunting hours in Ohio, to contracts tight,
I’ll break it down, so hold on tight.

Ohio’s hunting hours, you gotta know the deal,
Legal hours in Ohio, gotta make it real.
And when it comes to contracts, you got liabilities,
Contractual liabilities, they come with abilities.

The two-year rule, it might not apply,
Two Year Rule, don’t let it fly.
Down in Texas, with CPS rules,
CPS Rules in Texas, don’t be no fools.

Law officers, they got a clue,
Crossword clue, for your legal brew.
In Germany, when’s cannabis legal?
Cannabis in Germany, it’s time to revel.

If you’re in Singapore, legal jobs in sight,
Legal counsel jobs in Singapore, don’t take flight.
And if you gotta transfer money internationally,
Transfer money legally, it’s your nationality.

Need to find your court date online?
Court date in Harris County, don’t waste time.
And if you want a DOT CDL,
DOT CDL requirements, do it well.