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Price List

Lash extensions

Full set natural classic 1 hour
Infill from $80
Full set Swipy mixing classic and volume 1:15 mins
Infill from $90
Full set glamour 1:20 mins
Infill from $95
Full set celebrity/ bridal 1:30 mins
Infill from $100

Lash lifting

Keratin lash lift + tint 1:15 mins$119


PMU power Brows 2-2:30 mins$375
Waxing & tint 30 mins$50

Make up

Full glamour Make up 1:15 mins$109
Express False lashes apply 20 mins$45
Eyes make up with lashes 30 mins$65



* For the first 24 hours:
– The lash extensions should not come into contact with water {unless you have used a nebuliser)
– Cosmetics should not be avoided around the lash area
* After 24 hours:
– The extensions should be cleaned daily using a non- oily cleanser.
– They should not be played with, picked at or pilled as this will damage the natural lashes.
– Gently brush through the lashes with a lash wand daily to keep them in shape.
– Extreme to heat should be avoided eg. steam rooms/saunas.
– Mascara should not be worn and oily products avoided.
– Sleeping opinions may need to be adjusted to avoid contact with pillows.
– Lash curlers and lash perming is to be avoided.
– Lets your lash stylist know immediately if you experience any irritation or discomfort.
– Don’t forget to pre-book your eyelash refills at 2-4 weeks intervals in order to maintain the fullness of your eyelash extensions.
* Week 1: your lashes should look full for the first 10-14 days without the need for maintenance.
* Week 2: as your natural lash cycle begins to shed your lashes will start to look less full. This is time when you should book a 30-45 minutes maintenance session.
* Weeks 3 : if you have chosen not to maintain your lashes, you will see your lash perfect eyelash extensions becoming more spaced and you will need to use mascara to give your eyes more impact. If you have maintained your lashes attached will maintain a fuller affect. However, you will still experience a certain amount of falling, these will be the lashes that were applied 4 weeks ago and fall naturally as part of your hair growth cycle.
* Weeks 4: towards the end of this week you will need a full one hours maintenance or a new set. If you have not had maintenance then your set of lashes will be almost gone.



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